Just to ease some of the negative attention recently drawn to the American Ryder Cup team, we’ll take short trip across pond to take a look an injunction between Euro Ryder Cup captain, Colin Montgomerie, and his ex-girlfriend. Apparently, Monty’s ol’ flame and he were into some pretty freaky shit behind the closed doors.  Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue. However, unfortunately for Monty, his girlfriend minored in photography and there’s evidence of said freaky shit looming in her possession. So he’s fucked, right? Wrong. Unlike in America, where we take pleasure in other people’s personal misery and demand they forfeit all privacy rights, British courts protect their own:

The injunction, dated July 8, bars Tagg from revealing “the private details of a personal, intimate and sexual relationship” between the two. Specifically, the order prevents the publication of information “concerning acts of a sexual nature” or “any such information recorded in the form of a photograph or still image or moving images.” The injunction also bans Tagg from revealing whether such photographs or images even exist. Information about the relationship contained in e-mails, letters, text messages or voice mails is also covered in the order.

Wow… guys 1, crazy ex-girlfriends 0.  Regardless of how you feel about Monty, in today’s media-crazed society, that’s a ray of light peaking through the clouds.

Somewhere Tiger Woods is texting Monty for his lawyer’s contact information.