Well, guess who withdrew with an illness?  Mr. Poulter.  Yet again proving that European golfers might just be the biggest subset of pussies known to man.

So why are we talking about Ian Poulter when the title is clearly about Jeff Overton?  Because when Poulter withdrew with a yeast infection, Overton, instead of taking his last place seriously, decided to have some fun with his solo round and see if he could break the record for the fastest round in PGA Championship history. And lo, the record was broken by 2 minutes (!).

Overton’s round was filled with sprints and makeshift caddieing, which I, as someone who doesn’t take golf too seriously, finds absolutely awesome.  Now, some people might get their panties in a bunch when a tour player removes his own flagstick to make a 6-footer, and shoots 79 when obviously not trying to shoot his best score, but who cares?  Lighten up.  I’m sure old man Penna will chime in voicing his displeasure with Overton, but, as with most things, his perspective is skewed by being a cranky old man who has to work his ass off just to get half a boner so keep that in mind.

Meanwhile, I’ll be cheering on Overton, who’s rapidly becoming my new favorite golfer on Tour.