What you missed?  A helluva tournament, that’s what.

Kudos go out to Martin Kaymer and Bubba Watson for a nice showing on Sunday, as well as Dustin Johnson for putting the Pebble-esque choke on hold until the last hole, as well as guys like Zach Johnson, Rory McIlroy and Steve Elkington who provided some nice competition for the leaders.  I don’t want to get into Bunkergate, so we’ll hold off on that for the conceivable time being, and after some reflection, I’m not really bullish on Whistling Straits as I was heading into the championship.

Lets get to the winners and losers.


PGA fans – Helluva tournament and a ton of drama and entertainment.  That was a fantastic treat in a year where only the Masters was truly entertaining.

Kaymer – Great showing by the German assassin.  Cool, collected and calm, ze big German blitzkreiged the course that was giving the rest of the field absolute fits.  Beautiful ball striking, a calm demeanor and some very clutch putting just reinforces the previous sentiment that Kaymer should be included in concert with the rest of the young 20-somethings that have a bright future on Tour.  I get all the Langer comparisons, except for the fact that, you know, their games are nothing alike and Kaymer looks more Dolph Lundgren than scrawny shrimp, and if this year’s majors have proven anything, it’s that Kaymer is ready for the big lights.  Good show.

Bubba – I absolutely love watching Bubba Watson play golf.  I loved his post round interview and can’t wait to see him show those smarmy Euros what’s what in the Ryder Cup.  And yes, I love him even more considering I took him this week and he paid me back in spades.

Dustin Johnson – Again, forget Bunkergate, Johnson made some nice putts down the stretch, and if not for a stupid gaffe by taking driver on the last hole with a one shot lead, could’ve had the Wanamaker in his hands yesterday afternoon.  Hey, it takes a lot to contend in a major under some tough conditions so soon after a huge letdown in a major earlier in the year, and hey, he handled himself with class.

Zach Johnson – I’m a believer.  He’s a competitor and wants to win and has proven that he can contend despite a lack of length.  He was -3 on 17, a par 3 that was brutally long, and for someone of modest distance, that’s some good stuff.  He’s a true professional.


PGA of America – Still hate the ruling.  I don’t care what the rule says, that ruling was against the spirit of competition and makes the PGA look like a bunch of paper pushing rule whores, and makes the sport seem silly and contrived.

Dustin Johnson – Come on man, if there’s ANY question about your lie, you do not ground your club.  You’re a professional and should’ve known better.  You also should’ve taken a hybrid off the tee and played for par instead of trying to ride home on a white stallion.

Nick Watney – Ouch.

Whistling Straits – I’ve made this comparison around the interwebs, but the Irish Course really is a poster version of Ballybunion.  It looks like an Irish links, but plays like your typical resort course.  The greens were reportedly rolling around 13 on the stimp, which was pretty foolish considering how hard the wind was blowing.  Also…987 bunkers?  For real?  In places that almost nobody will find?  That’s just absurd and nothing more than a show of ego and masochism.  There’s no reason for such bullshit and frankly, Kohler and Pete Dye are more to blame for such a stupid design than Dustin Johnson or the PGA are because, lets face it…what’s the fucking point?

Is there much of a difference between Whistling and TPC Cookiecutter?  Maybe in appearance, but not in the way it’s played.  Poor showing for a course that’s nothing more than eye candy.