Tiger Jam is back and happened this past weekend in Las Vegas. Rumors are circulating that one Eldrick Woods was living it up again in Vegas, but unfortunately there are no juicy details so spread at this time. The only thing we’re hearing is that Tiger apparently was down as much as $25ok at Mandalay Bay. That rhymed, “25ok at Mandalay Bay”. Good stuff.

Tiger Jam featured performances by John Mayer and Keith Urban. Tiger didn’t do the whole “red carpet” thing. Just a few photos and it was on with the show. Apparently Tiger was a little standoffish and seemed uncomfortable. His entire introduction/welcome speech was about 30 seconds. He was in and out and on and back to banging broads.

I do feel it is necessary to include the fact that Tiger was seen in a walking boot and noticeably limping. And if you have forgotten, I have made the proclamation that Tiger will win the US Open.