So, I really don’t want to work today. Surprised? Shouldn’t be. I’m going to try to update this bitch as often as I can. I’ll throw up some tweets and links to what’s going on in the first round of THE Players. Enjoy.
-The Beard is currently in the lead with a -7/65 (PGA Tour)
JasonSobelGC: Vijay Singh shoots front-nine 42, just like Tiger Woods. Misery may love company, but that doesn’t mean they’ll commiserate together.
JasonSobelGC: He was hurting out there, but Tiger Woods didn’t blame injuries for poor short game. “Those were just bad pitch shots. Those were awful.”
-Tiger just told the media: “Knee acted up … Achilles … calf cramped up … whole chain reaction … gimmie a few days to see what the docs say. I’m having a hard time walking.”
KellyTilghmanGC: Tiger Woods says he’s surprised he had to WD because he felt good coming into week. Said it got progressively worse thru rd.
KellyTilghmanGC: Tiger Woods WD’s after 9 holes. No surprise at all. Playing hurt on a difficult golf course is an instant recipe for withdrawal.

JasonSobelGC: Tiger Woods is now 5-over for the day. The good news? He made it through the seventh hole without withdrawing this time.

JasonSobelGC: Colleague just asked if Tiger Woods has been visibly limping. Answer: “He hasn’t NOT been visibly limping.” No doubt he’s in pain right now.
JasonSobelGC: Tiger Woods duffs his chip from behind the ninth green. At this point, will just be easier to tweet when he doesn’t actually chunk a chip.
Here are some additional links from Sawgrass:

If you cared to watch live, then click here.

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