Club Ho


Merry Christmas and all that.

/Ill, I hope someone gets you a hybrid.

I mean, this is just Earth shattering news.  What a change, what a distrust of loyalty…I can’t believe he ditched something he had an 11 year relationship with for such a cheap, flavor of the month floozy.

How the hell could he just up and do this?  It’d be one thing if he went with a classier route, but this skank?  Wow.  Talk about dumpster diving.

Seriously, people…a Nike putter? Over his venerable German Stainless Steel Scotty Cameron?  The one that’s seen him through 13 majors, a metric fuckton of wins and 11 years?  Wow.  What a dick.

*If you thought I was going to refer to the subject that shall not be subjected then you’re an idiot and you should seek gossipy internetting elsewhere. (more…)

OMG! She really put it back in her mouth after that?!!

So apparently Tiger can lose his # 1 World Golf Ranking this week…? Phil’s on his heals and with some sort of win/high finish (ranking system is too complex for my tiny brain) this weekend, he’s almost assured to be the best in the world!  Big fucking deal. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see Lefty take the top spot over; I just don’t expect it to last long. In the last thirteen years (or Tiger’s career) four golfers have held the top spot: David Duval (15 weeks), Ernie Els (9 weeks), Vijay Singh (32 weeks), and Tiger Woods (601 weeks).  Now, as previously noted, I’m no mathematical genius but that’s not exactly the definition of parity. (more…)


Hey you!

Want a free* driver?

Aw yea you do.  *So all you have to do is buy a Taylor Made r9, r7 Limited or Burner and if Sergio Garcia wins the Masters, we’ll reimburse you!

Sounds pretty dumb if you’re thinking of buying a new Taylor Made driver, and sounds pretty dumb if you’re Taylord Made.  Now, we know Taylor Made/Adidas Golf (TMAG) is struggling in our crappy economy, and are LEGENDARY for releasing a new driver every three months, leading to overstocking and drivers you paid $400 for being brand new in the bargain bin for half that, so is this anything more than a plea to overpay for your choice of two discontinued model drivers or a brand new one which will probably be out of date by May?