European Tour

Unfortunately, I lost the ability to cry five botox treatments ago.

We’ve made it halfway thru this year’s Tour season and Tiger Woods doesn’t have a win yet; it’s officially time to freak out. There’s no doubt in my mind the apocalypse is here. Be sure to rent yourself a back-hoe and build yourself a bomb shelter. Furthermore, you should stock it with all the necessary essentials and of course, your sticks – you certainly don’t want to lose that impeccable trap draw golf swing or, even worse, return to the surface as the worst putter alive. Cause let’s be honest, depending on the apocalyptic event, there’s a high chance that every green will be rolling at no less than 13 on the stimpmeter. Sound foolish? Ok, sure… just don’t forget that it was Tuna Golf who gave you the necessary tools ahead of time to becoming the next goat and the first of the Mad Max Era.

Ok, back to reality. Despite what some might think, Tiger is fine. During his limited play this year (after an off-season with zero practice), Tiger’s faired pretty well. He’s missed one cut, withdrew from one tournament, a top 20 finish and two top 5 finishes (which just happened to be majors!). So you won’t hear all the Tiger panic or bullshit rumors here. We’re professionals*. What we will focus on are the key moments of the 2010 season to this point and what to expect going forward.

*Possibly not true


Umm... awkward.

Ok, it’s not that mysterious after all. In fact, it’s simple: carry a 1.4 or under handicap, fill out the application form, pay the application fee, and report to your regional qualifying course. That, my friends, is easier than 4-foot uphill right-to-left birdie putt. Seriously, this process makes choosing between a cheeseburger and a hamburger look like rocket science. The actual playing portion of the qualifying process is a little different story, however. (more…)

If only that bird would have caught me a fish to eat...

In an effort to avoid the increasingly annoying, “some random player won this week’s tournament” sport’s coverage fad, we here at Tuna Golf will be providing our non-existent audience with an in-depth look at some of the players on the PGA Tour. Do we know them anymore than you do? Yes, of course we do. Why else would we tackle this responsibility? Hell, we may even dabble in the European Tour, Nationwide and the old farts in the Champions. Don’t act like you’re not impressed… (more…)

I’m not going to pretend that I pay close attention to the European Tour. In fact, the only time I really watch it is when I stumble on the golf channel at random times during the day/night. There’s really no bias on my part. I enjoy their links-style courses, tall grass and consistently shitty weather, but I just don’t have the time. Whatever the case, Tuna Golf will cover the Euro Tour from time to time, especially when one of their tournaments has a stronger field than the scheduled PGA event (like this week). (more…)


Quick congrats to Danny Lee, US Amateur champion and all around stud on the golf course, for winning the Johnnie Walker as an amateur in impressive fashion.

When I saw this kid at the US Am, I was shocked.  The Kiwi can put up birdies in bunches and has some serious length and short game, and apparently, has the onions to back it up against a quality field.  He’s 20 years old for crissakes.

Granted, his swing needs MAJOR work and he’s still so young you don’t want to rush to judgement and call him the next this or that, but this was an impressive win.  I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more of Danny Lee in the future.  He’s a Kiwi Anthony Kim.

roryBefore we start this off, I’m more than aware of the litany of failed wunderkinds who contended in a huge tournament only to find the pro circuit much tougher sledding.  From Matt Kuchar to Justin Rose to a lot of other guys who were before my time, success in golf is no sure thing, hell, there were even doubters when Tiger was bursting on the scene.  A few great showings when you’re still too young to vote doesn’t necessarily mean that professional success is a given…

…but Rory McIlroy is a sure thing.