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Rest in peace, Hud.

You were a living cliche – easily my best friend – who was forced to leave me and the rest of your admirers entirely too soon. We’ll never forget all that you gave us over the last five years. 





Merry Christmas and all that.

/Ill, I hope someone gets you a hybrid.

OMG! She really put it back in her mouth after that?!!

So apparently Tiger can lose his # 1 World Golf Ranking this week…? Phil’s on his heals and with some sort of win/high finish (ranking system is too complex for my tiny brain) this weekend, he’s almost assured to be the best in the world!  Big fucking deal. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see Lefty take the top spot over; I just don’t expect it to last long. In the last thirteen years (or Tiger’s career) four golfers have held the top spot: David Duval (15 weeks), Ernie Els (9 weeks), Vijay Singh (32 weeks), and Tiger Woods (601 weeks).  Now, as previously noted, I’m no mathematical genius but that’s not exactly the definition of parity. (more…)

Hot Shit

So… I was going to do a reoccurring post on Jerry Rice’s attempt to become a professional golfer. He’s had some ups and downs, but the ride is over before it really ever got started. Rice started the year off with an appearance at the Fresh Express Classic at TPC Stonebrae where he shot a whopping +17. He started the tourney off with an 83. He then followed that up with a decent 76 and was CUT.  You would think that things could only get better from here. (more…)

I don’t admire PGA Tour players because they can hit ridiculously great shots from time to time, no.  I admire the consistency in their play. Shot after shot, round after round, they never seem to blow up or have complete meltdowns on the course.  I’m sure you’re reading this thinking “Wait, what? I can remember Jean Van de Velde at Carnoustie or Gregg Norman at Augusta having meltdowns!” And you’re right, even the best blow their load on national television from time to time.  But take a second and consider how often these meltdowns occur on Tour, then compare that number to your personal experiences on the links.  That’s my point…

To most amatuer players, this point would seem obvious and considered unworthy news.  However, I’m an asshole that thrives on other’s failures and in this case that other happens to be PGA Tour professional, Parker McLachlin. Parker’s 2010 season has seen its share of highs and lows. Unfortunately for him, we will be primarily focusing on the latter. (more…)


Last week, the International Golf Federation submitted a proposal to the Olympic comittee in a bid to have golf included in the 2016 Olympics.  What’d they propose?  You guessed it!  A 72 hole stroke play event!  YIP-EE!!!

Now, aside from the fact that a 72 hole stroke play event is nothing special at all, does golf in the Olympics even make sense?  (more…)

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