US Open

Unfortunately, I lost the ability to cry five botox treatments ago.

We’ve made it halfway thru this year’s Tour season and Tiger Woods doesn’t have a win yet; it’s officially time to freak out. There’s no doubt in my mind the apocalypse is here. Be sure to rent yourself a back-hoe and build yourself a bomb shelter. Furthermore, you should stock it with all the necessary essentials and of course, your sticks – you certainly don’t want to lose that impeccable trap draw golf swing or, even worse, return to the surface as the worst putter alive. Cause let’s be honest, depending on the apocalyptic event, there’s a high chance that every green will be rolling at no less than 13 on the stimpmeter. Sound foolish? Ok, sure… just don’t forget that it was Tuna Golf who gave you the necessary tools ahead of time to becoming the next goat and the first of the Mad Max Era.

Ok, back to reality. Despite what some might think, Tiger is fine. During his limited play this year (after an off-season with zero practice), Tiger’s faired pretty well. He’s missed one cut, withdrew from one tournament, a top 20 finish and two top 5 finishes (which just happened to be majors!). So you won’t hear all the Tiger panic or bullshit rumors here. We’re professionals*. What we will focus on are the key moments of the 2010 season to this point and what to expect going forward.

*Possibly not true


…and not just for playing Scratch irons and wedges either (which is seriously, SERIOUSLY awesome).

Let’s delve into some juicy quotes, shall we?  First, as always…link.

“I feel like instead of difficulty, they just go for trickiness, to be honest,” he said.

Moore was particularly critical of the par-five 14th hole and its fast, slopey, raised green. It’s where, in the second round, Zach Johnson made a nine, and Paul Casey, Ian Poulter and Y.E. Yang each carded an eight after chipping adventures.

“It would take not much to make that green at least halfway reasonable, and they refuse to do it,” Moore said of USGA officials. “I think they go for a spectacle; they want some hole to draw attention and make everybody look stupid, I guess. It doesn’t reward good golf shots like Augusta (National) does, and I don’t understand why you’d have a tournament that doesn’t reward good golf shots.”

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I don’t care that the US Open was fantastic for three days or that the course was fantastic and the competition fierce.  I don’t care that I’m going to be extremely petty and biased in the following paragraphs and I CERTAINLY don’t care if any Graeme McDowell fans get upset with me but I thought the final round of the Open sucked royal ass with a capital ROYAL ASS. (more…)

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Here is your score update for our national championship, as we head into the third round:


  • Greame McDowell -3
  • Phil Mickelson -1
  • Ernie Els -1
  • Ryo Ishikawa -1
  • Dustin Johson -1
  • Jerry Kelly E
  • Paul Casey E
  • Brandon de Jonge E
  • Alex Cejka E
  • K.J. Choi +1

As for the Tuna Golf staff picks:

  • Phil Mickelson -1
  • Lee Westwood +3
  • Tiger Woods +4
  • Nick Watney +5
  • Zach Johnson +7
  • Tom Watson +8

On another note, the course seems extremely fair this year, and it looks like we’re now firmly in the era of the kinder, gentler U.S. Open.  Except, of course, for the green complex at number 14.  It’s been a bloodbath there so far this week.  Paul Casey, Kenny Kim, Ian Poulter, and Y.E. Yang all carded an 8 there, while Zach Johnson posted a 9.  Absolutely brutal.

Ten years ago this week, Tiger Woods put on what is most likely the greatest major championship performance in golf history, when he won his first of three US Open Tournaments at the 2000 Open at Pebble Beach. He overpowered a course that did not allow another player to even match par, let alone be under it. His 15 stroke victory will probably live at the highest winning margin in major golf history. (more…)

Eventful day at Pebble as conditions were firm and very fast and scoring wasn’t exactly easy.

Lets start with the headliners…Tiger struck the ball beautifully today but failed to capitalize on his scoring opportunities thanks to a balky putter and some uncharacteristic miscues with the wedges.  As for Phil?  It was classic Lefty with a bunch of stupid mistakes and loose play that doesn’t exactly bode well for the coming days.  Still, sitting at +3 and +4 respectively, they’re not out of it by a longshot.

Who was impressive today?  Three guys stood out…Brandon de Jonge, Shaun Micheel and Ryo Ishikawa.  de Jonge and Micheel sit atop the leaderboard after the first round along with the steady Paul Casey and were the sources of two of the sparse highlights.  On 14, de Jonge holed out from the fairway with a sick spinner and Micheel had a couple of excellent wedges after playing a fantastically sound strategic game.

Ryo is one of the most impressive young players in a studded crop, standing out with Rickie Fowler, AK and Rory as the kids with the serious game to capture the serious hardware, and I have a feeling this might just be his “hello world” weekend.  Just spectacular ballstriking all afternoon long from the 18 year old kid who carries a deuce in the era of hybrids and jacked up fairway woods and just has this beautiful motion through the hitting area.  It’s easy to dismiss this kid who’s dominated in Japan, but the minute you watch him strike his irons, you realize this kid has some SERIOUS game, regardless if he looks like Hello Kitty out there.


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