The golf tournament of all golf tournaments, The Masters. It’s finally here!

Day 1 made me incredibly depressed. Alvaro Quiros, who is my age and Rory McIlroy, who is twenty fucking one, are in the lead. Sigh. Anyway on to the action…




This guy bombs it, you can tell after watching one swing of his, but what freaked me out is how he stacked up against the best of the best.  I always knew he was a bomber, but not like this.

314.2 average yards off the tee.

Um…that’s pretty epic.  He’s leading the Euro Tour’s driving average by 6 yards, which is like Bubba and JB territory there.  Quiros topped the Transitions Championship with an average drive of 317 yards, leading the field by 35+ yards.  THIRTY FIVE YARDS!!!  OMG!!!

I’ve seen four tourney’s with Quiros in the field, so I’m not operating with a large sample size here, but he seems to have a pretty solid all around game in addition to his precocious distance.  He’s officially gone from TG favorite to serious player to watch in the next few years.  You’ve been warned.