That was AWESOME.  We covered quite a bit of this already so lets just get right to it.


Arnold Palmer: He’s the KING for a reason.  Every golfer owes a lot to the man who brought the game into prominence in the advent of the television era.  Arnie captivated a generation and, to this day, remains golf’s greatest ambassador.

Tiger, and the cadre of spoiled children golfers should take a page out of Arnie’s book.  He’s the man.

Tiger Woods: He’s the best, but we’ve been through that already.

Sean O’Hair: Held it together best he could.  His tournament almost died and he kept it on course, giving himself a chance.  He just got beat by the alpha dog…no shame in that, I guess. (more…)


I hate reruns.

I hate Tiger Woods.

There, I said it.  You happy?  See, I like watching competitions.  I like seeing guys jockey for a lead and hoping someone will win, it’s fun.  Tiger Woods is not fun.  Tiger Woods wins everything.  EVERYTHING.  Tiger had no business winning this tournament, NONE.  Not one bit.

And then he wins.

He ALWAYS wins.



At -8 and three strokes clear of Jason Gore, Sean O’Hair is the man to beat heading into moving day.

Tiger’s at -3, Allenby at -4, and Nick Watney is at -2, so there are your guys who will most likely make a charge.

Anyone else think it’ll be a rematch of last year’s final round with O’Hair and Tiger?  I’d say there’s a pretty good chance as Tiger will probably shoot a 63 or something.  Don’t deny it, I see your head shaking in agreement.