So we are finally supposed to get some decent weekend weather, for the first time in what seems like for-fucking-ever. Today is April 26 (Happy Birthday to Mr. 096, a day late) and this is the first week we’ve had legitimate spring temperatures. Granted we got two inches of rain yesterday, but the important thing is that we should get 70 and sunny on Saturday.

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Tuna Golf doesn't give a shit about your win Bubba, so we took the week off.

First things first. On behalf of Tuna Golf, I apologize for our week-long hiatus. Unfortunately, none of us get paid to write for this site (like our material is worth anything to begin with…) so we’re forced to work with the rest of you high handicap lemmings in the real world.  And, like you, sometimes our jobs are extra sucky and demanding. It’s terrible, I know.  However, at least we here at Tuna Golf can still break 90, you hacks!

So what’s our first post coming off our break? A Fantasy Foursome, of course, because we’re selfish and you need to have our spencer’s expert advice. That’s right. This contest remains a blowout after last week and unless the Gods decide to unleash an F5 of mercy on the rest of us, things are unlikely to change. Current standings are (looks away):

  1. spencer – 83
  2.  lefty – 273
  3. AC – 365
  4.  schneider – 395
  5.  tips – 404
  6.  jpq – 478

On with this week’s picks: (more…)

If there is a God, there won't be another Brian Gay win this weekend...BO-RING!

Before we get to the picks, lets take a quick look at the standings, shall we?


  1. His Holiness 096: 84
  2. Lefty: 198
  3. AC: 224 + 25 = 249
  4. The guy who keeps taking shitty golfers: 225
  5. Schneider:  233

As a Cleveland Indians semi-fan, I can appreciate what’s happening between 3-5 here.  It’s like the annual race between the Indians, White Sox and Royals to see who can be the worst team in a division full of awful teams.  AC is like the White Sox in that he makes his picks based on whether or not a player looks like he’s taking a dump when he swings, Tips is like the Indians in that every pick he makes turns to rusted iron and Schneider?  Well, he’s obviously the Royals because he’s just straight terrible but gets a Greinke-from-2009 start every now and then like last week’s pick of Tiger.

Anyways…this has quickly devolved into a one man race.  That man?  Me.  And not to leave out Lefty but Lefty’s obviously the Tigers…not because of any resemblance or anything, but because he smells like industrial waste, much like the entire state of Michigan.

So, anyways, who am I picking?:

I’m taking Lee Westwood and considering this my risky pick.  Sure, it might not sound risky, but I couldn’t find ANY history of Westwood playing this event and am basing this pick solely on the idea that one of the world’s best iron players SHOULD be able to dominate a run of the mill TPC course.  It’s also risky because Westwood is chokey…but four top 10’s in seven US events bodes well for everyone’s least favorite bridesmaid, so hopefully he pulls his huge head out of his gigantic ass and takes some of my points with him when he leaves with a win on Sunday.

And for the record, I don’t like this pick one bit.  I was THISCLOSE to taking David Toms, but I don’t take golfers shorter than my sister unless they’re named Sergio Garcia.