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Well, this is probably going to get posted by the time the coverage ends today, but whatever…we don’t operate on any stupid “European Time.”  There’s only one real time zone…AMERICAN TIME, ya hurd?

Anyways, there hasn’t been a lot of movement in the leaderboard here at the Tuna for awhile, probably due to my indelible brilliance and the rest of these fuck’s inability to pick anyone worth a shit.  We’ll see if adjusting the scoring helps (wins = -25 points now), but seeing as I’m the only one of these slackjawed yokels who doesn’t have their head firmly implanted in their tuckus, well…

  1. NASA’s think tank – 135
  2. lefty – 290
  3. AC – 389
  4. Schneider – 418
  5. toneypenna – 486

Lets get to the picks, shall we?


After douching around the PGA website, I saw they have a breakdown of all the players from the UK competing for the Claret Jug this weekend and wondered: Who has the best chance? (more…)


Tiger Woods isn’t the only former champ that loves St Andrews. The mythical beast, John Daly, fired a 66 this morning to jump out to an early lead.

Does anyone expect him to hold it? Probably not. The conditions were supposed* to be much worse than they ended up being (one British paper described it as “a gloomy dartboard”), so players should take advantage of the weather and go low today. However, you can’t help but be impressed by Daly’s low number today, especially considering he’s probably had no sleep, a carton of cigs and two cases of diet coke.  He’s basically everything the Old Course isn’t, but I’ll slow clap his stellar first round.

*The conditions change at the drop of a hat. Don’t expect the same weather for the afternoon group of players today.

I mean, this is just Earth shattering news.  What a change, what a distrust of loyalty…I can’t believe he ditched something he had an 11 year relationship with for such a cheap, flavor of the month floozy.

How the hell could he just up and do this?  It’d be one thing if he went with a classier route, but this skank?  Wow.  Talk about dumpster diving.

Seriously, people…a Nike putter? Over his venerable German Stainless Steel Scotty Cameron?  The one that’s seen him through 13 majors, a metric fuckton of wins and 11 years?  Wow.  What a dick.

*If you thought I was going to refer to the subject that shall not be subjected then you’re an idiot and you should seek gossipy internetting elsewhere. (more…)

Here’s one thing I’ve never understood.  Why, in advance of the British Open, which is always held on a seaside links, is the warmup event the Scottish Open at the very American-y Loch Lomond?  Does this make a lick of sense?  HELL NO.  So then why, before one of the biggest, most historic tournaments on the schedule, is Loch Lomond still the spot?

And this isn’t making fun of Loch Lomond the course, because from what I hear, it’s pretty sweet.  And yea, a ton of Euro pros have homes there and shit, but that doesn’t mean that the last point of entry before the Open should be a test of golf completely different than what the golfers are going to face the following week, ya hurd?  Do you prepare for the SAT’s by taking a physical fitness test?  Hell naw.

Correct me if I’m wrong but there are more than one seaside links in Scotland, amirite?  Now, this might sound like a crazy fucking idea, but you know, it might just be crazy enough to work…WHY NOT HOLD A TOURNAMENT AT ONE OF THE OTHER THIRTY FUCKING THOUSAND SEASIDE LINKS IN FUCKING SCOTLAND THE WEEK BEFORE THE OPEN?!?!?!?!  Jesus tapdancing Christ, am I taking crazy pills here? (more…)