We’ve been too nice (by nice I mean, haven’t written anything at all) so I’m going to muck this place up a bit.  Everyone has their favorites and least favorites in any avenue of sport, and golf is no different.  There are some people who love Davis Love III.  I am one of them, but I know for a fact that AC over there (/points over there) hates DLIII for various reasons that only he can explain.  So today, I thought it’d be a nice gesture to go over some of the golfers I personally don’t like (not including Stuart Appleby, who I covered earlier this week).

Why?  Why not?   (more…)


Ah yes, Davis Love and Boo’s personal stomping grounds.

Good putters need not apply to this tournament as, frankly, it doesn’t mean a damn thing.  These greens are so small and the fairways so narrow that ballstriking and shortgame are both at a premium, something that both Davis Love and Boo are quite adept at.  I don’t really care about what happened last year, but you should probably know that Boo Weekley is the two-time defending champion and Davis Love has won here 5-times.  There’s a nugget of info for you…do with it what you like.

We have a decent field at Harbour Town this week including guys like Boo, Zach Johnson, Jim Furyk, Camillo, everyone’s favorite prodigy Rory and Chez Reavie.  Why did I mention Chez Reavie?  Because I did, damnit.  Sure, I don’t like watching him hit a 150-yard 4 iron or shank a putt, but hot damn is that a cool name.  Speaking of cool names, I’m a little upset not to see Master’s afterthought Renier Saxton tee it up.  That’s an all-time name right thurr.

After the jump…the picks.


There’s nothing to talk about in the golf world, and damnit, that sucks.  So how are we going to spend our time before the Benz in a few weeks and the “real” start to the tour in a few months?  Why, listing the hell out of everything we can, that’s how.

Today, we’re not going to order these like in the Under, instead, we’ll just throw em up in any order because they’re all so deserving (or undeserving…whatever).  So lets cut the BS and get right to the meat.

Adam Scott: Where to begin…maybe the four top-10’s in majors since 2000 or the fact that he’s missed TWICE as many cuts in the same time?  Or what about stealing Tiger’s swing, despite it’s ineffiencies, and failing to improve at all?  Or we could use my personal favorite…the unimaginative short game and terrible clutch putting (Houston aside).  All sound good.

Whatever the reason is, I’m sick of seeing him on TV because chicks like him.  I want to see good golf, not sprayed drives and someone who looks like they’re having about as much fun as if they were at a funeral (hey, at least Vijay is a good golfer…his game is fun even if he looks bored to tears).  Scott just doesn’t care and all we see on TV is him wasting his ridiculous amount of talent.  If he carried himself like Geoff Ogilvy, he’d have multiple majors…easily. (more…)

Everything you missed from Saturday’s third round at the Chevron World Challenge.

  • Jim Furyk continues to amaze me and it’s not because of his “phone booth” swing. He had a chance to cushion his lead on 18 and go into day 4 with a 1-2 shot lead. Instead, he pulled a “me” and donated his 2nd shot to the drink. I know how you feel, Jim…I have a phobia of water too. Furyk pulled the string too much from the drop and then missed his putt to give him a double and a 70 for the day. He’s currently at -7 and should make for an interesting Sunday.
  • Villegas picked up where he left off and continued to plat consistent golf. By the way, what does he have against regular-sized bills on his hats? He started to look a little shaky on the 16th par 5. His tee shot landed directly in the fairway bunker and his out shot was a terrible effort that went about 30 yards into the rough. I know it wasn’t a great lie in the sand but it was still a bad shot. luckily for him, he stuck his 3rd shot withing striking distance from the pin and penciled in a par. I guess that is why these guys are doing what they do and I am doing what I do…sit on the couch and watch in awe. I still can’t get over his hats, though. Camilo finished with a 69 (giggedy) and is 2 shots off the lead. (more…)

Everything you missed from today’s second round at the Chevron World Challenge.

  • Shout out to Kenny Perry…way to make me look good so far. Awesome, dude.
  • These greens are pretty ridiculous, huge and undulating and if you’re more than 15 feet away it’s not going to be easy to say the least. There are a bunch of dips and shelves and with the balls spinning like crazy, the breaks are intense. The course was still pretty soft overall and the greens were rolling faster, but it still had it’s wet spots, and the bunkers were no help as they were wet themselves, leaving tough bunker shots to extreme sloped greens.
  • Freddy Couples played a pretty good round at -3, 69, but on 18 he hit one of the worst shanks I’ve seen since I stepped off of the course in late October. I mean this thing gave new meaning to the word “slice”. All he had to do was put it above the hole, straight on, from less that 150, and he blocks it a good 20 yards right. I love big FCand love seeing vintage FC highlights from back in the day. His swing is just so pretty, like Ray Allen’s jump shot.
  • After making eagle on the par five, 5th, Boo Weekley was pretty shaky at best, though his 3W into the green on said par five, 5th was the shot of the day. For those of you who ever may come back to read this, Boo is my favorite golfer.  He wasn’t striking the ball too strong throughout this second round, which he started at T2 on the leaderboard. He shot a -2, 70 on day one, he then rattles a +1, 73. (For the math wizards, that’s a T7, -1)
  • Camillo Villegas squeezed out a +2, 74 in the first and comes back with a -5, 67. He’s been playing some pretty solid golf lately and he is currently sitting at T2, -3 at day’s end. If he keeps this up then he’s going to be shootin’ darts come early next year, Shooter McGavin style.
  • Furyk’s first round-4, 68 put him in good position to really make some noise and his response? -1, 71 and is currently sitting pretty at the top of the leaderboard.

Hey Kenny, the comeback starts now. The comeback starts now.


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Furyk finishes day one at the Chevron World Challenge with a two stroke lead. (Golf Magazine)

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“Tiger, I want you to come back and be full strength… I obviously don’t want you to break my records” -Jack Nicklaus (Golf Digest)

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Not an especially exciting day, but there was some good golf.  A few things I noticed yesterday:

  • Conditions were too soft, though, not much they could do about that.  There were numerous times where players would smoke drives down the fairway, especially on holes that were lower than the others, and the ball would stick in the ground and get a ton of mud on it.  The most glaring of these instances was on 18 (I think) where Fred Couples hit the fairway and Jim Furyk missed right and ended up on some dirt.  Furyk hit a career 4-iron to about 10 feet, a gigantic cut that had to be low enough to get under overhanging trees and then cut right onto the green.  Couples, who, on paper, was in perfect position, had his ball sink in and missed long and right.  Happened to Villegas as well.
  • There’s a possibility for a big number if you miss the fairways.  Anthony Kim knows all about that.
  • The wind is really playing tricks on the guys who aren’t used to playing in a SoCal valley, something Boo Weekley alluded to in his post-round interview which was later echoed by Hunter Mahan.
  • Mike Weir…what were you thinking?  Banking it off of a tree?  Seriously?  Yea, PGA guys are absurdly talented, but that was a little extreme, no?
  • Shot of the Day: Camillo’s 50 footer from the bottom tier for birdie.

Should be a more exciting second day…I know Anthony Kim is going to come out and shoot a ridiculously low number…he was right on the doorstep yesterday, but a couple errant drives and a few bad putts turned a solid round into a “meh” one.  Hunter Mahan looks good, as well.

The first place runner up in the 2008 FedEx Cup Camillo Villegas’ uncle was shot and killed over the weekend when some locals bad seeds tried to rob his grow house coffee business. We would like to offer our condolences to the entire Villegas family.