Does he know that you're more likely to be struck by lightning than attacked by a shark?

Tuna Golf is handling the overwhelming mediocrity of last week’s golf by providing a very mediocre photo-style review of it all. That’s right, if they can mail it in, so can we.  After all, we’re followers first, leaders second. (more…)


For an old school PGA Tour guy like me, the RBC Canadian Open, sadly, is one of those golf tournaments that used to have a little more prestige than it does currently, like the old “Crosby Clambake” at Pebble Beach or the Western Open in Chicago. Much of it’s lustre has been lost due to it’s being sandwiched in the “Bermuda Triangle” of golf: the week AFTER The British Open, the week BEFORE the WGC/Bridgestone, and two weeks BEFORE The PGA Championship. Jet lagged players looking for a week off from three “elite” tournaments have begun to skip this event, sadly.

The Canadian Open is the PGA Tour’s second oldest tournament, celebrating it’s 100th competition this week, and it’s past winners vary from Sam Snead, Byron Nelson, Arnold Palmer to Greg Norman, Tiger Woods and Jim Furyk.

For many years, the Canadian Open was played like the US Open, making it’s rounds across Canada, playing at cut from the forest venues like Rosedale, Mississauga, and Thornhill, and in French speaking only courses in Quebec such as Le Club Laval-sur-lac, Richelieu, and Montreal Municipal, where, in 1967, Billy Casper won the first Open contested on a public golf course (and we thought Bethpage was being innovative!) (more…)