By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of the little spat between Jim Gray and Mr. Pavin where Gray said that Pavin was taking Tiger Woods no matter what as a Ryder Cup selection, despite Pavin not really, you know…saying that.  So, as the rumor has it (or as the encounter has it, seeing as it actually happened), Gray got all up in Pavin’s grill and was all like “don’t be playin’.”

Pavin’s response?

[Gray was] just trying to get a story out there. But when you start making stuff up, it makes me mad. And of all the people I know in the media business, he would not be my first choice to tell that to. He wouldn’t be my second or third or fourth choice, either. And you can quote me on that.

Nice.  Why am I happy that Jim Gray got dressed down?  Because Jim Gray embodies everything that’s wrong with professional sports media.  He’s a fucking sycophant who’s known for bending over like a prostitute during interviews, providing nothing but fluff as to not make the interviewee have to work too hard.  What has Jim Gray ever contributed to the sports media landscape?  Anything?  So where the hell does he get off talking to Pavin like that?

Oh, right…Gray’s an asshole.  Remember when he went after Pete Rose during the World Series for no reason at all?  Yea, I think the book’s been written about Gray being a prick.  So bravo Pavin, for not letting such a worthless person ruin your Ryder Cup party.

And Jim Gray?  GFY.


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