I’m conflicted because as much respect as I have for Arnold Palmer, Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus (and believe me, I have a TON of respect for them) they need to understand that games evolve both on the course and in the realm of technology, and to hold today’s golfers to a standard that these fine gentlemen do in respect to their era is foolish and shortsighted, almost as foolish and shortsighted as toneypenna, but we’ll cross that bridge in the comments section.

But I’m just curious…these are incredibly smart, savvy, well read individuals who know the game of golf better than anyone.  These guys know that sports evolve and that things change as time goes on, I mean, hell, these three were catalysts for such expansive growth in golf that it’s really hard to understand where they’re coming from.  Why did Arnie complain about balls being stopped from the rough?  Why is Gary Player accusing pros of using performance enhancing drugs?  Why is Jack Nicklaus going through great pains to discredit today’s players through complaints about technology and strategy?

This is a different era of golf and it should be treated as such. (more…)



Day 2 of the Masters is now over, and we are coming up on moving day. Unfortunately for some like The Big Easy the tournament ended early, but for others, like Anthony Kim, it was a historic day.  Anthony shot an amazing 11 birdies today to one up Tom Watson for the most birdies in a single round at The Masters, which was 10. We saw some amazing play from Anthony and from Kenny Perry this afternoon.

I especially enjoyed the discourse between Kenny Perry and his caddie Fred Sanders at the 18th. Kenny was pretty torn between his 9 iron and his 8 iron. Thinking that the 9 iron might be too much but that the 8th might hit the false front and role back down. Fred reaffirmed the choice without any hesitation, and Kenny stepped up and struck it to within a few feet of the hole, impressive as hell. (more…)