Unfortunately, I lost the ability to cry five botox treatments ago.

We’ve made it halfway thru this year’s Tour season and Tiger Woods doesn’t have a win yet; it’s officially time to freak out. There’s no doubt in my mind the apocalypse is here. Be sure to rent yourself a┬áback-hoe and build yourself a bomb shelter. Furthermore, you should stock it with all the necessary essentials and of course, your sticks – you certainly don’t want to lose that impeccable trap draw golf swing or, even worse, return to the surface as the worst putter alive. Cause let’s be honest, depending on the apocalyptic event, there’s a high chance that every green will be rolling at no less than 13 on the stimpmeter. Sound foolish? Ok, sure… just don’t forget that it was Tuna Golf who gave you the necessary tools ahead of time to becoming the next goat and the first of the Mad Max Era.

Ok, back to reality. Despite what some might think, Tiger is fine. During his limited play this year (after an off-season with zero practice), Tiger’s faired pretty well. He’s missed one cut, withdrew from one tournament, a top 20 finish and two top 5 finishes (which just happened to be majors!). So you won’t hear all the Tiger panic or bullshit rumors here. We’re professionals*. What we will focus on are the key moments of the 2010 season to this point and what to expect going forward.

*Possibly not true