The golf tournament of all golf tournaments, The Masters. It’s finally here!

Day 1 made me incredibly depressed. Alvaro Quiros, who is my age and Rory McIlroy, who is twenty fucking one, are in the lead. Sigh. Anyway on to the action…



Well, this is probably going to get posted by the time the coverage ends today, but whatever…we don’t operate on any stupid “European Time.”  There’s only one real time zone…AMERICAN TIME, ya hurd?

Anyways, there hasn’t been a lot of movement in the leaderboard here at the Tuna for awhile, probably due to my indelible brilliance and the rest of these fuck’s inability to pick anyone worth a shit.  We’ll see if adjusting the scoring helps (wins = -25 points now), but seeing as I’m the only one of these slackjawed yokels who doesn’t have their head firmly implanted in their tuckus, well…

  1. NASA’s think tank – 135
  2. lefty – 290
  3. AC – 389
  4. Schneider – 418
  5. toneypenna – 486

Lets get to the picks, shall we?


Glorious Pebble Beach. The site of this year’s first Major Championship and our National Championship, the US Open.

First, the standings:

  1. spencer096: 74
  2. Lefty: 210
  3. Tips: 254
  4. Schneider: 262
  5. AC: 349
  6. toneypenna: 349

But before we get to the picks, lets make sure everyone’s playing this week first.


/Bryce  Molder’d
//St. Jude’d
///I guess I’m the only one who should be worried…


Tiger Woods is the pick. He’s due to return to old Tiger form some time and he’s already won the US Open at Pebble in 2000 in historic fashion. The course will be dry and fast so why not take one of the guys who can pull off almost any shot? Did I mention he won in historic fashion in 2000? Oh I did? Well he’s gonna do it again.