Coming off his win at the WGC Match Play, I don’t think it’s outrageous to ask the question, “is Geoff Ogilvy the best player in golf RIGHT NOW?”  In his win over Paul Casey on Sunday, as he did the entire week, Ogilvy looked to be on cruise control with his effortless swing that smoothly accelerates before impact and the versatile short game that won him the 2006 US Open.  Ogilvy looked to be going for a casual walk, aimlessly strolling around a park and hitting a white ball every 10 minutes or so, and in the end, he won his third WGC event, and second Match Play title.

That’s some heady stuff.

Back to the hypothetical.  Is Ogilvy the best player in the world right now?  I’d say yes.  Tiger Woods isn’t Tiger Woods yet and we haven’t really seen much of anything from Sergio, Vijay, Anthony Kim or Paddy, so really, what’s left?  Phil?  The guy who couldn’t break 70 a few weeks ago?  Sure, I still think he’s the best rival for Tiger, but he’s not playing better than everyone else right now.  That leaves Ogilvy. (more…)


There’s not a lot I can tell you about Dove Mountain, I’m sorry.  It’s a Jack Nicklaus design that will play to a par of 72 at around 7,400 yards (7,800 actual yards but the elevation will shorten the course significantly).  There are a lot of elevation changes and, while the fairways are wide, finding them is a must.

I’ve heard the greens are extremely undulating and the course is playing firm and fast.  Since it’s a Nicklaus design, you can expect the typically “Jack” elements of course design that test your golfing intellect and reward the integrity of the shot…as long as that shot is a fade.  Hah…got you Jack. (more…)


So, by now, we’ve pretty much narrowed the tourney’s Tiger is coming back to three: Match Play, the CA at Doral or Arnie’s event at Bay Hill.  I know I’m leaving out the Honda, the PODS Transitions (wtf?) and the Shell Houston Open, but he wouldn’t play these events if the PGA allowed appearance fee money (actually…nevermind, I’m gonna save that topic) so why even bother.  The three above are the only ones he’s coming to, like it or not, so lets take a look at where I’d come back if I were Tiger.

Match Play: This has been the hot rumor for Tiger’s return, something I don’t really see happening.  What does he have to gain by playing a bunch of schmucks in a highly volatile format at a course that will do nothing to prepare him for the regular season?  Sure, he has the best chance of winning here because he doesn’t need to score well against a field, just against one guy, but still…why bother?

Sure, he’ll have the reasonably warm weather, the dry air and flat course that will protect his knee, but aren’t we a little past that?  Shouldn’t he be TESTING it?  And while the format will be the easiest to get through, how does that prepare you for a season’s worth of stroke play?  It doesn’t.  And Match Play, the event, not the style, is terrible and needs to be moved ASAP.  Tiger showing up will just keep it in ‘zona forever, which sucks.  So while we all want to see him back, I hope it isn’t here. (more…)