What you missed?  A helluva tournament, that’s what.

Kudos go out to Martin Kaymer and Bubba Watson for a nice showing on Sunday, as well as Dustin Johnson for putting the Pebble-esque choke on hold until the last hole, as well as guys like Zach Johnson, Rory McIlroy and Steve Elkington who provided some nice competition for the leaders.  I don’t want to get into Bunkergate, so we’ll hold off on that for the conceivable time being, and after some reflection, I’m not really bullish on Whistling Straits as I was heading into the championship.

Lets get to the winners and losers.


PGA fans – Helluva tournament and a ton of drama and entertainment.  That was a fantastic treat in a year where only the Masters was truly entertaining. (more…)

Glorious Pebble Beach. The site of this year’s first Major Championship and our National Championship, the US Open.

First, the standings:

  1. spencer096: 74
  2. Lefty: 210
  3. Tips: 254
  4. Schneider: 262
  5. AC: 349
  6. toneypenna: 349

But before we get to the picks, lets make sure everyone’s playing this week first.


/Bryce  Molder’d
//St. Jude’d
///I guess I’m the only one who should be worried…


Tiger Woods is the pick. He’s due to return to old Tiger form some time and he’s already won the US Open at Pebble in 2000 in historic fashion. The course will be dry and fast so why not take one of the guys who can pull off almost any shot? Did I mention he won in historic fashion in 2000? Oh I did? Well he’s gonna do it again.


Zach Johnson won the 2010 Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial this past weekend in record fashion. He posted a record low score of -21 and won by 3 strokes over Brian Davis. Johnson won despite two late weather delays on the final day of the tournament and now has a plaid jacket to go with that green one. This is the seventh victory on the PGA Tour for Johnson and with the win he collected a cool $1.116 million. (more…)


After a long deliberation and internal struggle I’ve finally chosen my Masters pick.  I believe Zach Johnson will be our next Masters champion.  Zach is a wonderfully accurate golfer who has the ability and the temperment to withstand the stress of a major tournment.

But why Zach? To be honest I combed through my mind for justification for about 5 other golfers whom I thought would be a better pick. Phil is well…Phil, I think he’ll do very well but just won’t do anything spectacular to earn the green jacket. His play at Doral amazed me, I loved it, I really did but as last week shows us Phil has his ups and his downs. And to be frank, I am just not feeling Phil this week.



We have quite the dilema on our hands right now.  We now have six premier events to judge the season on and things are finally getting clearer and there’s maybe a dozen players that have really seperated themselves from the rest of the bunch and it’s about damn time.

So…Bay Hill was exciting, wasn’t it?  Yea, sure was.  So what do we get for a follow up to rusty Tiger’s theft of a win?  Phil, Sergio and Adam Scott at a birdiefest.  Nice.

I’m not going to lie, the top spot was a difficult decision, so check out the full rankings to see the explanation…



That was AWESOME.  We covered quite a bit of this already so lets just get right to it.


Arnold Palmer: He’s the KING for a reason.  Every golfer owes a lot to the man who brought the game into prominence in the advent of the television era.  Arnie captivated a generation and, to this day, remains golf’s greatest ambassador.

Tiger, and the cadre of spoiled children golfers should take a page out of Arnie’s book.  He’s the man.

Tiger Woods: He’s the best, but we’ve been through that already.

Sean O’Hair: Held it together best he could.  His tournament almost died and he kept it on course, giving himself a chance.  He just got beat by the alpha dog…no shame in that, I guess. (more…)