Cheapest piece of clothing I own

Cheapest piece of clothing I own

Yessir, the band is back together. Hell, we even picked up a new member. All the hype, drama, and controversy surrounding the 2013 Masters tournament was too much to keep us away. But we’ll get to all that later. All you need to know is that none of us played Augusta this past weekend, which means we’re kicking off our 2014 Masters campaign!

A lot happened this weekend at Augusta, but let me first and foremost congratulate Adam Scott. Scott has been one hell of a Tour player for a long time now and the only reason it’s taken him this long to win his first big one is that dreaded flatstick. So it’s only fitting that he won this tournament with clutch putting. His always impressive ball-striking kept him in the mix, but it was his putting that earned him the prestigious green jacket.

Does this win provide Scott the confidence necessary to collect several more major victories? Maybe, but I just don’t see it. I think he has the game to win one more, but that’s it. The playing field is just too damn deep anymore for me to think Scott has the ability to go on a run and it’s the same reason why we think so highly of Tiger’s accomplishments. Every single time these boys tee it up now a days, there’s a legitimate 15 players who could easily win that week (and even more in the Majors, obviously) That’s just going to make it extremely tough on Scott to put a resume of 5+ Major victories. In my opinion, Rory is the only player with the game to do something like that but he’s proving that he lacks the work ethic required for excellence. Whatever the case, congrats to Scott on a long awaited and much deserved win.

Now, before we get to Tiger’s drop, let’s take several quick-hitters on this past weekend:

– The Three C’s: course, coverage, condition. There’s no better tournament than the Masters for those reasons. Everyone is familiar with the course, like they’ve been playing it for years and have favorite holes/pin placements/dreaded misses/etc. There are hardly ANY commercials – the NFL should take notes. And the condition of the entire grounds at Augusta is emaculate. I think it was Phil who said that every blade of grass is the exact same height – that’s silly.

– Speaking of Phil, thanks for showing up (good call, spencer!).

– Angel Cabrera: I’m not sure why I continue to forget he can’t speak english. It’s only during his post-Masters interviews when I remember this. Also, I think he wins if he smokes between 17 and 18 like he did a few years ago.

– The Slow Pace of Play rule: Only at Augusta will a 14 year old be penalized for slow play and Kevin Na is not. I have a suggestion for Billy Payne: stop inviting the Mike Weirs and Larry Mizes to play and let the phenom kid take a few extra seconds to walk up a hill to see where he’s hitting the ball on a course he’s never played before this week.

– Bubba Watson: Nice 10 on the 12th, bro. I’m sure that had nothing to do with the golf gods thinking you’re a douche.

Now, Tiger’s drop should have resulted in a penalty. It did. He accepted it. There’s no conspiracy theory going here. He didn’t knowingly cheat the rules, and he didn’t admit to cheating when he mentioned the incident after his round. The rules were enforced and Tiger will not be the 2013 Masters’ champion because of it. I think Tiger handled it better than a much younger Tiger would have and I think Augusta had some (albeit not much) balls for enforcing the rule on Tiger and hindering the probability he’d be in a final pairing on Sunday. So it is that we’ll all wait have to wait until Merion to see if he can grab career number 15 and get back on track to catch The Bear.