Trying to play a course called Stonewater this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for me. The theme of the year has been wet and I’m hoping to buck the trend. I think I’ve played like 4-6 rounds so far this year and only one of said rounds has been dry. I love Ohio and all, but this needs to change. Southern Ohio is all blooming and warm, but we’re still gray and gloomy in Northeast Ohio. Sweet.

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The first episode of the Haney Project premiered last night, and it was entirely what I expected it to be. Before the show even started, replays of Charles’ swing were played over and over again, and frankly it was absolutely hilarious. I feel bad for the guy, especially since he actually used to play golf relatively well, but you really have to wonder how the hell he is even able to make contact with the ball!?

The episode was, at most, an introduction to Charles’ golf swing, as well as a meet and greet between Hank Haney and Charles for the ‘first time’.  They sat down to grab some food and talked about the history of his swing and how golf is one of the things he still cherishes the most in life.  Now I might will butcher this quote but Charles said something along the lines of, ‘there is nothing better than three guys being able to go out into nature and play golf with the beautiful surroundings, it’s wonderful.’  While it might sound semi-cliche, he has a great mindset.  Which isone thing Hank Haney hit upon, the mindset of Charles. He is willing to do anything in order to fix his golf swing. Or he needs the money but I won’t touch that.


Nothing says Merry Christmas like Sir Chuck’s swing.